• Hidden Trails Packages

    Choose one, combine a couple or let us organise your entire Sri Lanka adventure. It's totally up to you.

Hidden Trails Packages

The Knuckles Ranges

In this 3 day hiking adventure, you will experience a range of challenging treks and amazing biodiversity by day and spend nights in our unique Wild Glamping accomodation. Shaped like a clenched fist, this World Heritage Conservation Area is one of the loveliest nature attractions in Sri Lanka...


Horton Plains National Park

Here you will be constantly on the lookout for leopards, sambar deer, wild boars, endemic lizards and birds, and the many other species that are home to the area all while conquering the second highest peak in Sri Lanka, Kirigalporta and the infamous Worlds End circuit...


Adams Peak Traverse

There are few places where you can trek with pilgrims of different religions all heading to one spot – a mountaim top temple containing the cast of a sacred footprint. This right of passage for all Sri Lankans is unique, challenging and full of myths and legends.  ..


Tea Experience Factory

Lost in the hills, an old tea estate established in the late 1800s sat abandoned for 28 years before being restored to its original glory as ‘Tea and Experience Factory’. This is now the base of Hidden Trails' exclusive cultural treks which vary from gentle walks to challenging hikes...


The Complete Package

Don't know what to do, which to choose, and want it all? Then do it all! This all-encompassing package includes the best trekking in Sri Lanka compiling all four of our unique trips into one smooth transitioning adventure!  ..

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