Bespoke Tours

We have a motto at Hidden Trails - Sri Lanka "If it's not illegal, immoral or unsafe - the answer is YES"!!

Every group has different thoughts on how they want to experience Sri Lanka and the trekking community is no different.  The beauty of working with the Sri Lankan people is that nothing is a problem - you will find them the most hospitable and accomodating people you will ever meet.

The wide range of treks and tours can be manipulated to suit any fitness level, age group, budget and holiday taste preferences.

"I want to trek hard for a week and then relax on a beach" - YES!!

" I would like to break up my Sri Lanka cultural holiday with a 3-day trek and have a break from travelling the roads" - YES!!

"I want to trek hard during the day where few other tourists have been before and spend the evenings in comfort, with good food and a glass of wine" - YES!!

" I want to avoid the main tourist areas and experience the heart and soul of Sri Lanka" - Absolutely YES!!!

We would love to hear from you and listen to your thoughts on what makes an adventure memorable and work with you to make it happen.  

Someone once told me that people forget what they hear, forget what they see....but never forget the way they FELT.

Our goal is to take you on a Sri Lankan Hidden Trails adventure that you will never forget. Click the Learn More tab below to send us a message on what you are looking for and let's get your dream trip to Sri Lanka going.



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