Experience all Horton Plains National Park has to offer with access to the park at all stages of day and night! Commence the main component of your experience by entering the park by foot emerging out into open plains. In no time at all, you will be surrounded by Sri Lankan wildlife including sambar deer with your eyes peeled for one of the stealthy leopards that prowl the area. After a 10km walk from Ohiya, into and through the park, you will arrive at the Circuit Bungalows, your basic, clean, dormitory style accommodation for the coming nights. Take the opportunity to summit the third highest peak in Sri Lanka being Thotupola, or enjoy some downtime relaxing, napping, playing cards, or drinking that fine Sri Lankan tea before sundown when you will be able to wave goodbye to the 1000's of other visitors to the park and enjoy the unique chance to experience the area with just your small group of travellers. It is now when the guides will provide you with some night vision binoculars available for you to continue your endeavour to spot one of those sneaky leopards!

Rise early to continue peering through the night vision bino's or take a slightly longer sleep in before trekking the third highest peak in Sri Lanka, Kirigalportha. Arrive at the gates of World End and again say goodbye to the 1000's of other tourists who continue on to Worlds End while you take a sharp right and head onto and upwards the Hidden Trail of Sri Lankan known as Kirigalportha. The challenging 4km trek across open plains and then up steep forest-covered trails will have you surfacing at the mountain's summit. Enjoy your packed lunch while gazing out to 360-degree views of the park and across to the infamous Adams Peak. Retrace your steps back down the mountain and to the bungalows for your final nights stay.

Rise and shine! It's World's End time! Now this trail, as you will find, is not so hidden! However, you simply cannot visit Horton Plains without completing this walk and with your unique access, you will get there early to beat the rush and see World's End before the clouds roll in. The views and scenery of the loop are breathtaking, there is a reason it attracts so many and such a great variety of visitors each and every day. After completing Kirigalportha, this walk will be leisurely. Take your time wandering the loop enjoying the views of both Worlds End and mini Worlds End as well as that at Bakers Falls. You will return to the bungalows for a well-deserved refreshment before heading off to your next destination.

You can arrange to be picked up from your accommodation in Nuwara Eliya however an alternative is to arrive by train. We can transfer you to a train station at Nanu Oya and from there you can take a bustling locomotive through the rolling green hills of tea plantations and wild jungle to Ohiya Station, one of Sri Lank's highest rail stations. You will be met and have an easy trek of 4 to 5 km to Ohiya Lodge  This is a family-run lodge where we will dine together in a very warm and family atmosphere. The next morning we will hike to Hortons Plains to visit Baker's Falls & Worlds End.  At 6 pm all visitors are asked to leave the park, but we will have special access staying inside the park at the Circuit Bungalows. The bungalows are situated in an open plain giving us an excellent vantage point to see wildlife and with luck witness a Leopard hunt and Samba deer abound here. 

The Circuit Bungalows are very basic as they are public amenities. However we will have private use of them for this trek and as such we will bring our own sheets, pillows and towels in from a local hotel so that we are as comfortable as possible and they are safe, clean and tidy.

Day 1 - Pick up from Kandy or Nuwara Eliya - Train to Ohiya - Trek to Guest House

Day 2 - Trek into Hortons Plains - Trek to Bungalows - Night Safari - Overnight in Bungalows 

Day 3 - Trek to Kirigalportha - Head back to Bungalows - Night Safari - Overnight in Bungalows

Day 4 - Trek to World's End - Head to next destination

- Fresh air, amazing views, peace and tranquillity and a chance to stay in an exclusive environment overnight that few have access to.

- Transfers to and from Nuwara Eliya or railway stations.

- Accommodation at Ohiya Lodge and the Circuit Bungalows

- All meals prepared by our chef's utilising local produce

- A range of hiking tours guided by fully trained Sri Lankan guides who are experts in the flora and fauna of the area.

Due to the nature of your expedition, we recommend lightweight, quick-dry clothing. The following is a packing guide:

- Travel insurance
- Personal toiletries - Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant.
- Clothing for Temple visits (as per above information).
- Lightweight casual clothing for day wear, travel and sightseeing.. shorts, shirts etc
- Light hiking boots that are waterproof 
- pair of cotton/wool blend hiking socks  
- shirt to trek in 
- shorts/pants. (Zip off leg style ideal for the different hiking locations).  
- 1x trekking pole, (optional, but highly recommended especially for people with injuries which could resurface from walking uneven surfaces, e.g. ankle and knee injuries).  
- 1x small day bag/pack (approx. 20 - 30 L)  
- 1x water bottle
- Pair of thongs or sandals
- Hat with a wide brim to keep the sun off your face
- Rain jacket/poncho (something lightweight)
- 1 x thermal top 
- Bathers- Regular swimwear is totally acceptable in resorts and hotels. For areas outside of these, it is recommended for ladies wearing bikinis to use a sarong to cover exposed thighs 
- Sarong for just about anything
- Sunscreen 
- Tropical strength insect repellent- Recommend Bushmans 
- 1x small hand sanitiser bottle
- Sunglasses
- Camera- spare batteries and spare memory card/s
- International charger adaptors for recharging phone, camera etc. 
- Copy of your insurance policy 
- Personal First Aid kit/medication. Your personal First Aid kit should contain band-aids, blister dressings, topical cream for bites and grazes, antibiotic cream for cuts and scratches, anti-diarrhoea tablets, paracetamol, anti-chaff cream, Deep Heat or other muscle linaments.
- Leech socks

*If you have something you are particularly prone to, e.g. asthma, allergies, ear infections, hay fever, or sinus problems etc, bring what you need with you.

Bespoke Tours of Sri Lanka

You can combine one or more of our Hidden Trails hiking adventures as part of your greater Sri Lanka trip OR we can customise your entire journey to Sri Lanka, from adventure to a seaside bungalow, from a trek across the roof of the island to a luxury jungle safari. Whatever your needs, we are able to tailor a trip for you!



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